ali z marossi

ALi Z. Marossi ( LLB. LLM. PhD)

  1. Member of the Advisory Board of HCLA (

  2. Lecturer in Law

  3. IT and Cyber Arbitration Advisor


  • Education:

  1. PhD; University of Amsterdam (International Trade and Arbitration) 2009.
  2. LLM (International and European Law):2000-2001.VUB. Brussels, Belgium
  3. LLB (Bachelor of law): University of Shahid Beheshti ( National University); Iran 1992- 1996
  4. Lecturer( International law, International Business Law, Commercial Arbitration)
  5. Participation; The Hague Academy of International Law 2001 &2002), Netherlands
  6. Supplementary Diploma: A comprehensive Study of Islamic Business and & International Law
  7. Training (18 months) before national Civil and Criminal Court
  8. Supplementary Courses; Common Market, at the European parliament and European commission May 2001
  9. Presentation and Panelist; International Conferences &Workshop
  •  Languages:    English, Farsi, Dutch, Arabic

  • Careers:
  1. Registrar of the Iran- United States claims Tribunal an International Dispute Settlement Body, located at The Hague. 
  2. Member of the Advisory Board of HCLA (
  3. Head of Organizing Committee of the Symposium on Economic Sanctions and International Law
  4. Senior Lecturer International Business Law, Dispute Settlement.
  5. Attorney at Law ( Since 1996)
  6. Head of the Research & Publication Department of BILS( The Bureau of International Legal Service) ( 1996-1999)
  7. Legal Advisor : The Bureau of International Legal Service The Hague ( 1999-2000)
  8. Member of Editorial Board of the Iranian law Journal (1996-1999)
  9. Executive Manager of the Law Journal of Iranian Bar Association (1996-1998)
  10. Legal adviser; in International Disputes Settlement, Contract law, International Business
  11. Coordinator and Editor of: Electronic Document Management System of IUSCT
  12. Supervisor of the Tribunal Bilingual Database (